Philippians 3:9-11

Philippians 3:9-11

Knowing Christ is the Christian Life

Sermon Text: Philippians 3:9-11
Sermon Big Idea:  Knowing Christ is the Christian life: (1) Trusting Christ alone for righteousness – Justification, (2) Becoming like Christ in life and death – Sanctification; (3) Anticipating Christ’s return and your resurrection – Glorification.

Sermon Reflections:

  1. Define the Christian life in your own words. How does Paul describe it in Philippians 3:7-11? 
  2. Do you know about Christ or do you know Him through a personal relationship? 
  3. Are you trusting in Christ alone for you righteousness?
  4. Do you want to know Jesus at all costs, even if it means suffering? 
  5. Does it grieve you when Christ is dishonored or ignored? 
  6. How does the hope of the resurrection influence how you live life today?
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