Philippians 3:1-3

Philippians 3:1-3

Enjoy but Look Out

Sermon Text: Philippians 3:1-3
Sermon Big Idea:  Enjoying the glory of knowing Jesus diminishes when we look to counterfeit sources of confidence.

Sermon Reflections:

  1. What/who are you looking to for peace, confidence, or fulfillment? Where should you be looking? 
  2. What is your view of worship? Is it something you do on Sunday mornings, or is it much more than that? Describe it.
  3. Do you boast of Christ to others? In other words, are you quick to talk about Christ to others or do you shrink back from sharing your faith?
  4. Which is more central, your safety or your Savior — your effort or Christ’s finished work — yourself or Jesus?
  5. Will you set aside time this week to read and meditate on the book of Hebrews?
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